Today, at 5:00 pm, young people started gathering for the regional meeting in the parking lot of the new facility of the baptist church in Rameh. This is the first regional meeting in a while now as COVID-19 regulations made it difficult to meet at times. Operating within the regulations, about 150 young people were eager to meet their peers from other churches, and for some, to attend such a meeting for the first time.

The youth group in Rameh made all the preparations necessary and arranged everything. At the beginning, Luna, the ABC’s youth director, greeting the young people before spending time in worship. Then, a message was shared by Jameel Daoud, the youth leader at the baptist church in Rameh. At the end, the youth participated in some activities that the youth group had prepared and spent a wonderful time of fellowship.

Please continue to pray for these young people as they continue to grow in their love from Jesus.

Luna welcoming the young people at the regional youth meeting at the baptist church in rameh
Luna, ABC’s youth ministry director, greeting the young people