The Baptist church in Kafr Yasif held a baptism last Saturday at the baptismal site on at the Jordan river. Four girls decided to follow in obedience and be baptized following believing in Christ and declaring Him Lord and Savior.

Several families participate in the baptism service. There was an overall joyful atmosphere of worship and the Lord made His presence known powerfully. After worship, pastor Khalid shared some encouraging words about the service, then each one of the girls shared their testimony with the Lord. Afterwards, he, along with one of the church elders, baptized them and prayed over them that their faith will be steadfast in the Lord, and the He will grow them in the knowledge of His will.

We thank the Lord for His work in this church, and for the new people joining the body of Christ. We pray for more blessing for the work being done, and to see the name of Jesus glorified every day.

Pastor Khalid Dalleh, and church elder, Ghassan Odeh, with the four girls who got baptized