While the ABC member churches maintain their autonomy, over the years, the ABC’s ministry has demonstrated a significant impact on various local churches.

The Pastoral Ministry holds responsibility for matters related to the recognition of pastors and the exercise of their ministry within the ABC. It aims to realize its vision by offering resources to churches, identifying talent, providing training and mentoring, and offering support to pastors and churches to the fullest extent possible.

Pastor Khalid Dalleh and Pastor Suhail Sa'ad talking about ministry

To address the growing needs within churches, the ABC appointed Pastor Khalid Dalleh as the ABC pastor to our churches, leading these initiatives in a part-time capacity while maintaining his pastoral role at Kufur Yassif Baptist Church. The Ministry Officer, Khalid, works tirelessly to ensure that churches receive care, regular visits, and strategic investments. He is supported by an elected committee of several pastors and leaders.

Pastors of different churches praying together, and Pastor Khalid present for support

Monthly prayer meetings are organized at different locations, along with preaching and encouragement in conferences and retreats. Numerous meetings are held to identify needs and explore how the ABC can assist.

Recognizing the local church as God’s primary plan for impacting the world, the ABC’s central mission is to support local churches in every way possible, recognizing the substantial need for assistance in our context.

Pastor Khalid Dalleh, and Ministry Officer of ABC

Prayer meeting in Tur'an church with servants, pastors and their wives

Prayer Meeting in Tur’an Church with Servants, Pastors and their Wives

Servants, pastors and their wives, participating in training together and time of fellowship

Servants, Pastors and their Wives, Participating in Training Together and Time of Fellowship

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