Early on, when the word “coronavirus” took over the world media, things started changing rapidly. Regulations change quickly too. From a Sunday to Saturday of the same week things could go from close to total freedom to a lockdown. That made planning for ministry almost impossible, and vacation Bible schools took a major hit.

In simpler times, preparing for a vacation Bible school consisted of letting people know about it, having some volunteers and some preparations for activities. Today, however, securing the required permits to hold a VBS is in itself quite the chore. And, in this time, permits became all the more difficult to secure during the pandemic. And to make things even more complicated, regulations vary from town to town depending on the percentage of COVID-19 cases in it. Few churches opted to hold a one-day-VBS or a few spread over two weeks.

Despite the difficulty of gathering for fellowship, we are seeing the body of Christ growing stronger. Please continue to pray for our churches, especially pray for our pastors who boldly carry out the ministry.

Short videos from the Vacation Bible School at the Baptist church in Cana of Galilee