Can anything good come out of Nazareth? Nathaniel asked him. Come and see, Philip answered (John 1:46)

Something good came out of Nazareth two thousands year ago. Something good is happening in Nazareth today. Come and be part of what God is doing. Come and See evangelicals, their contributions and challenges.

Nazareth Evangelical College (NEC) is glad to announce its first conference

Evangelicals and Peacemaking

The conference will be held in Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus. This exciting conference will be a platform for seeing and hearing the good news that God is doing among His Arab followers in Israel. The conference will present the Palestinian Israeli Evangelical perspective as we engage the concerns of Evangelicals around the world especially in relation to Israel.

Speakers will include David Coffey and Roy Medley, Yohanna Katanacho, Rula Khoury Mansour and Azar Ajaj.

Date: April 16-18, 2015

Conference Fees: 120 USD, 100 Euro, 75 GBP
Accommodation: can be arranged upon request

For Additional information, please contact Rev Azar Ajaj at


Evangelicals and Peacemaking










8:00 – 9:00








9:00 – 11:00


Worship (30 min)


Who are the Evangelicals in the World Today? What is their contribution to peace?

(30 + 15 min)


Who are the Palestinian Israeli Evangelicals? What is their contribution to peace?

(30+15 min)


Worship (30 min)


What is the future of Evangelicalism in the World and their role in peacemaking? (30+15 min)


What is the future of Palestinian Israeli Evangelicals and their role in peacemaking? (30+15 min)



11:00 – 11:30






11:30 – 1:30


Workshop on the Arab – Israeli Conflict and its influence on the Church today



And Evaluation


1:30 – 3:30


Lunch and Break


End of Conference


3:30 – 5:30


What are the key issues that Evangelicals encounter in peacemaking today? (30 + 15 min)


What are the main Challenges of Palestinian Israeli Evangelicals in peacemaking? (30 + 15 min)




6:00– 7:00


Arrival and Registration




7:00 – 8:30



Sermon on Church and Culture



Sermon on Church and State