The Association of Baptist Churches in Israel is glad to invite you to a day trip to Wadi Al Laymoun, located in Nahal Amoud (נחל עמוד) in the third day of Easter, on Tuesday, April 26, 2011. The place is located in one of the most beautiful national parks in the country and we get to it from Acco – Tzfat road between Kfar Shammy and Miron, (Highway 866 between KM 40 and 41).

We refer the beginning of Baptist witness in the Holy Land to May 10, 1911 when Shukri Mosa baptized Louis Hanna in the streams of Wadi Al Laymoun that is located to the West of Safad, the city set upon a Hill. Wadi Al Laymoun is the fertile part in the north of the of the seasonal river Amoud, that was at the time planted with vines, palm trees, lemon trees, olive trees, pomegranate almond and fig trees.

From: Baptist Beginnings in the Holy Land, Bader Mansour

We met entrance of the Nahal Amoud Park at 10:00 AM to eat breakfast. We then had a short service to celebrate the Baptist beginning that took place in that location. Those who were interested in walking were guided by Brother Amer Nicola into a 3 hour hike to the location in the park known as “Wadi Al Laymoun” where the pools and trees have been restored. The hike is not easy, but goes through beautiful scenery (See Pictures here).

The invitation for this trip was open to all Baptist and Evangelical Churches and all friends. We celebrated together the resurrection of our Lord and also celebrate a small beginning that happened in the same place 100 years ago, that became a blessing to many of us.