The European Baptist Federation (EBF) met in Sofia – Bulgaria between September 23 and 26 and issued two important resolutions: One about the Migrant crisis in Europe and the Middle East, and one about the Crisis of Christian schools in Israel.

The following is the statement about the crisis of Christian schools in Israel:

The EBF Acknowledges the significant contribution of the Nazareth Baptist School to the Christian witness and high quality education offered by the 47 Christian schools in Israel over many years.

Recognizes the positive influence these Christian schools have on their pupils, both Christian and Muslim, with a high proportion of graduates entering careers serving in the wider population of Israel, as highlighted in the speech given by Ayman Odeh in the Knesset, on September 21, 2015.

Expresses concern that extreme reductions in government funding, together with a limit on student fees put in place by the ministry of education, have left such schools in a fragile and unsustainable financial position.

Calls on the Israeli government to exercise justice in the crisis of Christian schools in Israel and to provide funding equal to that provided to other religious affiliated schools in the same category, such as Ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools.

The European Baptist Federation is comprised of approximately 770,000 Baptists in 52 Unions and Conventions, stretching from Portugal to the far reaches of Russia. Included in this family are Baptists in Eurasia and the Middle East and include The Association of Baptist Churches in Israel (ABC). Bader Mansour, development officer of ABC, took part in writing this resolution.

For more information about the crisis: