Since the Summer we have seen God move in many mighty ways. The fall began with one of the largest events in the history of our church. Well over 600 of friends and family from the local area and around the world came to participate in Pastor Ziad Farraj’s ordination into the ministry. The whole evening had the hand of God on it. The mayor of the village, local priests, and one of the local Imams in Tur’an came in support. It was an amazing opportunity for Pastor Ziad to share his testimony and ministry vision for our church, and bring the community together in honor of Jesus.

Pastor Ziad gave a speech, along with English subtitles:

Brother Ziad Farraj’s Speech
Ziad and his wife

The worship team praised the Lord with the audience with a few hymns, it was a beautiful atmosphere to celebrate the Lord and this ordination.

Brother Ziad giving a speech

Finally, all pastors present laid their hands on Brother Ziad and his wife, blessing him, his ministry and his family.

Brother Ziad and his wife being prayed over by all pastors present