One of the goals of the Association of Baptist Churches is promoting unity among member churches. That is done through several events and programs during the year. We put together plans for a new event, taking inspiration from an event that was held in the early 2000’s, but plans were halted due to the pandemic. The event, called “ABC Day,” aimed to gather all the Baptist churches in one place for one day of fellowship. Finally, this year, we were able to hold the ABC Day, which took place at the Baptist Village near Petah Tikva.

Over 350 people from 16 Baptist churches gathered on the morning of May, 5th to participate in this event. We enjoyed worship in the morning led by the worship team from the Baptist church in Ramleh; located 15 minutes away from the Baptist Village. A few encouraging short messages were shared before splitting into age groups. From there, our Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry and Family Ministry took over, running appropriate programs for the different age groups. We wanted to serve the church members, at the same time introduce them to the ministry of the Association of Baptist Churches they belong to.

Overall, this was a very successful event that we plan to turn into an annual tradition. We will continue to work towards promoting unity between our churches and their members. And we look forward to see the work the Lord will do in our community.