The local Baptist Church and upper Nazareth Baptist Church celebrated Palm Sunday together in a joint service in the hall of the Baptist school in Nazareth. More than seventy guests from Maranatha Calvary chapel in San Diego, California, attended the service. Pastor Ray Bentley, leader of the group, gave a word of greeting to the Christians in the town of Believers and the land of Christ, Nazareth. He expressed his joy and honor in being with them in the Holy Land.

Ryad Haddad led the service and brother Ibrahim Copty shared a devotion about the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem quoting different verses from Mathew 21.  The attendance then sang out loud for the King of Glory who victoriously entered Jerusalem.

Towards the end, the children walked around in a parade inside the hall holding candles and waving olive branches. Many adults took part in the parade as well and everyone sang: “Hosanna Hosanna in the highest.”

Everyone enjoyed some refreshments and had a blessed fellowship.