Mission Catalyst magazine from BMS World Mission features articles from the perspectives of Christian Zionism, Palestinian Christianity, Messianic Jewish Christianity, Judaism, and Secular History.

David Kerrigan, General Director of BMS World Mission encourages people to, ‘Read these and then, in the years to come, read some more. Ignorance is not an option.’

Baptist Pastor and Academic Dean of Bethlehem Bible College, Rev. Dr. Yohanna Katanacho, discusses Christian Zionism, the Psalms as a single book, and replacement theology. He comments that ‘People who look at prophecies more than the heart of God are like Jonah.’

Messianic Jewish follower of Christ, Lisa Loden, writes about the journey towards reconciliation and explores how a common faith in Yeshua (Jesus) is helping heal divisions between Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jewish believers.

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