The Evangelical convention of churches in Israel celebrated the New Year (2014), on Saturday at Awadeya Hall in Shefamer. Attendance over exceeded the expectation as about 700 people gathered from several towns and villages from Israel and Palestine to celebrate together in this special occasion.

The celebration was opened by MC’s Ziad Farraj and Rasha Saba, with welcoming words on behalf of evangelical convention of churches in Israel, and then invited the chairman to participate in the welcome speech.

Chairman of the evangelical convention pastor Nizar Touma welcomed the attendees congratulating everyone for Christmas and New Year, as he thanked them for gathering together in prayer for the New Year, praying for the Syrians, Egyptians and Iraqis and all the persecuted church in the Middle East requesting the blessings of Lord over them all.

The Lord is My Banner praise team led by Toameh Dalleh began the celebration by leading worship

Pastor Edward Tannous, of Assembly of God Church in Haifa, shared the Word of God emphasizing the role of Christians and Church’s in influencing and leading the community to Christ. He stated that the church is like the dew on grass that gives hope to the lost.

A skit entitle the Shadows written by Luna Mattar was presented by Cana of Galilee Baptist church youth group.

The MC’s requested the representatives of evangelical churches and ministries in convention to come forward for a time of prayer led by pastor Nader Hayek representing Baptist churches, pastor Ehab Ashkar for Assembly of God churches, pastor Butros Ghrayeb for Nazarene churches, Kamil Daw of Brethren churches, and Samar Samawei of evangelical ministries.

MC’s welcomed Palestinian Christian singer pastor Fares Abu Farha, born in Beit Sahour near Bethlehem and currently lives with his family in the United States. Fares led worship and praise with distinctive songs that inflamed the hearts of the audience, as he was accompanied by a team of musicians from Ramallah and Ramla churches led by Michael Kakish.