At the Centennial opening celebration of Baptist witness in Israel, held in Nazareth on May 12, 2011, a video greeting from Dwight and Emma was projected for the audience to view. The organizers have arranged for a friend to make the video several days earlier and e-mail it. It was a special experience for all to see and hear Dwight and Emma from their home in Dallas. 

Dwight spoke words of appreciation and encouragement to the group in Arabic and then in English, recalling their years in Nazareth, Haifa and among the Beduin.

His voice was strong and he spoke with great feeling. Emma looked lovely as always and spoke softly as she recalled serving among the ladies and children. The group responded with a standing ovation accompanied with tears flowing freely. Their images and the impression of their words will remain with all, together with the years of friendship and partnership in ministry in Israel.

The following is the video:

Following the broadcasting of the video, the following e-mail was sent by Rania, a local Baptist, to Dwight and Emma:

Dear Dr Dwight

I was very happy to see you tonight on the screen with your lovely wife in the 100 year for the Baptist church in the Holy land, my eyes filled with tears. I felt that I’m watching an old dear friend, one of the people who led me to Christ even if we did not meet.

I am thankful to God for his wonderful and faithful workers in his field.
I thank you and your family.

It is a privilege for me to know you Sir even if it was by Email.
I Sellout you Sir and Madam for being a faithful workers in Gods’ Land
God Bless you all And be with you