The Association of Baptist Churches in Israel hosted a day for the Baptist churches from all across the different regions of the country in the pursuit of creating stronger bonds between the Baptist churches, the youth, the families and the children.

Kufur yasif worship team and prayer time and worship time for the churches together

 People from the Baptist Churches Joining in Worship

Being a Christian in Israel can be challenging and lonely, and our churches require communal support in order to gain spiritual growth in their pursuit of the Lord. So we step in unity in order to connect the people together and create bonds that will last a lifetime and create this warming community.

360 people participated on this day, including 12 Baptist churches, and among those are 80 youth members, 77 children and 219 families. 

Time of Prayer

This day entailed various activities, including fellowship, food, worship time, and encouragement from pastors among other joint activities later held in the outdoors in fellowship. It was hosted in a place called the Baptist Village, which is in the central region of the country. It is a beautiful retreat place with open spaces and is a perfect space for families to bond, chat over barbeque, and be in fellowship. It is owned and operated by our partners at BCI, the arm of the Southern Baptist Convention in Israel.

Kufur Yasif worship team

The activities hosted were aimed to deepen and strengthen relationships between the different members of the churches, where the day was opened with worship led by the Kufur Yasif Baptist Church worship team. Due to most of our churches being small, worshiping in a larger group is always special. Then, two pastors shared some encouraging words and shared their hearts.

After that, the participants were divided into three groups and participated in age appropriate programs led by our three specialized ministries: The Youth Ministry, The Family Ministry, and The Children’s Ministry. 

The families then went back to their homes encouraged by the unity in Christ, friendships made and strengthened, and a relaxing day in nature and the outdoors.

pastors joint in worship

Pastors from different Baptist Churches Joining in Worship

Children’s Ministry led by Fadi Hanna