On Saturday, September 29, 2007 a very unique baptismal service took place at the baptismal site on the Jordan River, just south of the Sea of Galilee. More than 200 people from across the Galilee region were in attendance. The service saw 32 new believers baptized: 19 from Kufur Yaseef and 13 from Eilaboun. Both of these churches are currently led by Rev. Khaled Dally. What made this service so exceptional is that in some cases, entire families accepted the Lord and were baptized together and the sheer number of people being baptized from such a tiny community was without doubt a phenomenal experience.

Among the 200 attendants was a group under the leadership of Bro. Bolous Odeh from Norway. Bro. Odeh is the son of Rev. Yousef Odeh, who was pastor of the church at Kufur Yaseef for many years. The Norwegians led the group in a special song for the event.