The Youth Ministry of the Association of Baptist Churches has an extraordinary legacy. It is one of ABC’s longest running and most impactful programs. Many of the current pastors and people in ministry in the country grew up through these programs and events and were shaped by them. One of the most notable annual events is a multi-day conference where young people from all the churches spend time together and form new friendships. This conference offers a sanctuary away from all distractions of life. Here, young people can freely worship, learn and fellowship together as they draw closes and closer to God.

In addition to the annual conference, several one-day events are held during the year. Sometimes they are strategically held in various churches to encourage their young people. Other times they take the form of a field trip to holy sites or even a sports day. We are constantly thinking of creative ways to engage the needs of each generation as these quickly change with the times.

We recognize the importance of ABC’s Youth Ministry as its implications reach way beyond meeting the immediate needs. For some, it is the beginning of the formation of a Christian home. For others who come from small churches, it is the place to form life-long friendships. And for us, it is the hope of the continuation of the very ministry we are currently doing and more. Ms. Luna Matar from Cana Baptist church is the Coordinator of the youth work. She says, “God is preparing a strong generation that He will use to shape the future of the Holy Land by their prayers and their contribution to the community.”

young people at a regional youth meeting in cana of galilee