If you wish to financially support the Association of Baptist Churches in Israel, you can do it in one of the following ways:

From the United States:

Tax deductible donations from the USA are received through The Baptist Resource Network of Penn/Jersey

To send checks, send to the following address (Make sure you write "Baptist Churches in Israel" in memo)

Baptist  Resource Network

4620 Fritchey Street

Harrisburg, PA 17109

To make an online donation, go to https://public.serviceu.com/PaymentForm/Active?OrgKey=bd34dac1-e369-4635-87c2-7714f656b71f&rendermode=standard


Select type of donation, whether it's an individual or Church one.

After filling your personal/organization details, scroll down and make donation to “Association of Baptist Churches in Israel". If you want to give to a specific project, please specify in the "Special Instructions"


For questions or further information contact:  Stanley K Smith 717-652-5856 ssmith@brnonline.org


From the United Kingdom:

Tax deductable donations from the UK are received through Baptist Twinning in Israel - http://www.baptisttwinningisrael.org.uk/support.htm

For Questions or further information contact twinning@andywest.org.uk


Direct Donations:

Donations sent directly to the Association of Baptist Churches in Israel can be sent in one of the following ways:


By Check:

Mail your check the following address:

The Association of Baptist churches in Israel
PO Box 419

Nazareth 16100


By Bank Transfer



 Bank Code


 Bank Name


 Branch Number 


 Branch Name

Mary’s Well

 Branch Address

 Hagalil 16, Nazareth 1641116

 Beneficiary Name

 Association of Baptist Churches in Israel

Beneficiary Address:

Baptist House, 6012 St, House number 4, Nazareth, Israel

 Account Number



IL66 0108 4000 0000 1092 792




For questions or further information contact – info@baptist.org.il​ - Bader Mansour +972-52-3283351 

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