The aim of this ministry is to offer aid and spiritual guidance to children and people serving with children in different churches. To fulfill this, the ministry provides training for Sunday School teachers, focusing on the spiritual materials utilized and coming up with effective methods for presenting them to children.

Training for Sunday School Teachers with our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Sally Baransi

Additionally, the ministry organizes events for children from various churches to engage them with the spiritual aspect, but also giving them the opportunity to meet other children their age from different churches.

To instill hope and joy among the children, we help small churches organize a Vacation Bible School (VBS) during the months of July and August.  Some churches have insufficient facilities or equipment to accommodate a large number of children, and a collaborative approach is adopted. We invite larger churches from abroad join hands with the local churches, providing support and send volunteers to work alongside their local counterparts.

Children participating in summer camp (VBS)

Each summer, these VBS programs serve as a source of much-needed encouragement for the children, leaving a profound impact through the teachings of the Word of God. The children develop strong friendships with both their peers, and their counselors over the course of the week, offering a support network that will sustain them in their future endeavors.

Time of prayer for the children during VBS

Time of Prayer for the Children During VBS

Children Participating in Movements for this Worship Song!

Currently, the Children Ministry Coordinator is Sis. Sally Baransi, from Nazareth Evangelical Baptist Church.

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