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Baptists are the largest single group of Evangelical Christians in Israel today with 18 churches and a community of 3,000 people, serving mainly among the Arab population in Israel.

This vibrant and growing community enjoys fellowship together through the Association of Baptist Churches in Israel (ABC).



Our vision is to empower Baptist Churches in Israel, developing trust and cooperation between congregations by sponsoring common ministries that influence the community by spreading the good news of the gospel, strengthening the Christian presence in the Holy Land, and supporting mission work in the region.



Our mission is to support churches and pastors in every way possible. We do this by providing resources to churches and by honoring the God-given talents of our members by helping to shape and utilize them through training and guidance. We build specialized ministries that serve all churches by engaging all talents available through men and women, individuals and institutions, all for the sake of building spiritual, social, and educational ministries for expanding the Kingdom of God in the Holy Land and beyond.



Baptist ministry in the Holy Land started in 1911 and was adapted in 1923 by the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, which supported the work and ministry until 1991. Since then, the Association of Baptist Churches in Israel (ABC) is serving as the umbrella organization for Baptist churches and ministries throughout the Holy Land. ABC and its member churches are actively working together with other Christians to strengthen the Christian witness in the land where God chose to dwell and become human.

A brief history artcile about Baptist history in the Holy Land written by Bader Mansour can be downloaded from here - Download PDF

The following is a short movie that celebrates 100 years of Baptist witness in the Holy Land (1911-2011)



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