ABC is committed to nurture the faith of young Christians in the Holy Land therefore it provides a series of youth events during the year to encourage Christian young adults in their walk with the Lord.

Each year, ABC organizes a conference for youth from all over the country, held – appropriately – at the start of the New Year as a time for young people to come together and revitalize their faith and renew their hope in the Lord.

Christian young adults in the Holy Land, where they are a tiny minority, do not have lots of opportunities like the New Year conference to gather and encourage one another. Many of the Baptist churches in Israel are very small, and even for those who do continue to attend church, they find there aren’t many in the congregation who are their age and in the midst of the same struggles they find themselves in.

The conference features a series of sermons that encourages young adults, and includes discussion groups led by pastors where young people share their fears and challenges and found relief in the sharing and hope in hearing from one another and mentors. There is also the beautiful Christian fellowship in an atmosphere that is much needed with our small Christian community.

During the year, a number of one-day conferences to offer fellowship and teaching to help sustain the work the Lord.

Coordinator of Youth work is Ms. Luna Matar, from Cana Baptist Church. She says that “God is preparing a strong generation that He will use to shape the future of the Holy Land by their prayers and their contribution to the community.”