ABC provides courses of practical, faith-based training sessions for women in the areas of parenting and marriage. Our goal is to empower and encourage Christian mothers and wives to grow in their leadership, being a role model, communication, and nurturing skills. Trainings provide opportunities to practice and hone the skills necessary for healthy marriages, families, churches, and communities.

Each course takes place in a local congregation and consists of 7-8 weekly, 90-minute workshops. Weekly topics include New Creation through God, spiritual motherhood, the importance of home life, Christian marriage, spending time as a family, the authority of parents, and finally, an evaluation session.

Each session is facilitated by a specialist in his or her area of expertise. The group of specialists includes pastors, pastors’ wives, Bible teachers, psychologists, counselors, social workers, and others.

At the end of the course, participants and their husbands are invited to a one-day conference. This event includes separate sessions for fathers/husbands and also for mothers/wives, as well as joint sessions and a special program for children. The day concludes with a shared meal and time of fellowship.