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First baby to be admitted at the George W. Truett Home / Orphanage in Nazareth reflects on the 100 year celebrations for Baptist work in the Holy Land The Baptist Centenary Celebration Conference brought me many wonderful memories of my early childhood and Teenage years with the Baptists, especially the Southern Baptist missionaries starting from Marty Murphy Dr. Bob and Margaret Lindsey, Mrs. Julia Hogget, Miss Ann Cowen, Miss Kate Gruver and Miss Lee, Dr. and Emma Baker, Dr. Elmo and Hanna Scoggin, ,Rev. Paul and Margarie Rowden, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Petty, Rev. Milton and Marty Murphy, Rev. Jim and Betty Smith and Dr. Ray and Rose Mary Register. Then seeing Rev. Dale and Anita Thorn and Rev. Norm and Martha Lytle livened my great times with them as Journey men at the Baptist Village and How they were committed teachers and models for me in my walk with the Lord. Seeing Lenore and Ken and Debbie and John and Sara Lanier was a trigger of happy and exciting Youth times at the Baptist Village. All I want to say that the few days of Celebration encouraged me to acknowledge the Goodness and Faithfulness of the Lord Jesus in nurturing me through the Lives of devoted Christians as I mentioned and I was very fortunate to have them influence my life in continuing my walk with the Lord. I want to admit that through the Southern Baptist Mission in those most critical year in the Middle East (l945-1963)they invested and planted many seeds of God’s Kingdom and therefore we experienced the result in the many local Baptists leadership in the 100 Baptist centenary Celebration and Conference. Thank you and all the team of ABC for their sincere involvement, Rhadia Shurrush Qubty First baby to be admitted at the George W. Truett Home/ Orphanage in Nazareth then moved to the Baptist village.
  • Rhadia Shurrush Qupty gives a plaque to her sisters from the orphanage Lenore and Debby Lindsey

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