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Celebrating the Resurrection of the Lord in the Garden Tomb

Garden Tomb
May 10, 2013
Linga - Jerusalem

The Local Evangelical Council in the Holy Land and Light for All Nations Ministry held a Service on Saturday 4th of May at 4:00pm in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

Many pastors and ministers took part in the celebration in addition to many of the local members of the evangelical churches from Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Ramallah as well as many Messianic brothers and sisters alongside with visitors from all around the world.

Pastor Nizar Shaheen, Director of Light For All Nations Ministry, was the M.C of the celebration, as he welcomed the attendance in the Garden and the viewers on TV. The celebration was broadcasted live on Al-Hayat Satellite Christian Channel.

Pastor Nizar interviewed a few pastors and ministers from the Holy Land, such as Pastor Munir Kakish, Chairman of the Local Evangelical Council in The Holy Land and pastor of Ramallah Local Evangelical church,; Pastor Nizar Tuma, Chairman of the Evangelical Council in Israel and Pastor Alex Awad of the Baptist church in Jerusalem, a teacher at Bethlehem Bible College and director of the Shepherd Society in Bethlehem. Each of them shared about the ministries that their churches provide and how they contribute to spreading the Kingdom of God in the Holy Land and all around the world.

A Jewish Messianic brother shared his testimony about experiencing the Lord and meeting the risen Lord. He explained that through the work of Jesus on the cross, he was now in a position to call all those who are in the Christian faith his brothers and sisters regardless of their nationality, race or ethnicity.

In his sermon from Romans chapter one, Pastor Nizar said that resurrection is a strong fortress that no one can move. The Resurrection is the reliability of our Christian faith and its basis. It is the mission and the message of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus prophesied about his resurrection which gives authenticity to His words. Jesus said, He is the Bread of Life and He fed thousands. Moreover, He taught about forgiveness and forgave those who sinned against Him on the cross; he does what He says. Resurrection is the message of hope, comfort and it guarantees our eternity. It gives us motivation to live. He also quoted from Paul’s letter to the Colossians “Ask what is above where Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father.” Because Jesus has risen, we have risen with Him. This is our victory!

After the sermon, everyone participated in partaking communion in thanking God for his free gift for us.

The celebration included Easter songs led by the Redeemer Praise Team and Michael KaKish and his wife Jackie. The songs encouraged the attendance and filled their hearts with the joy of the resurrection.

The people then had some refreshments in the backyard of the Garden Tomb.

Special thanks to Pastor Joseph Haddad and brother Albert Yacoub who translated the service from Arabic to Hebrew and English.

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