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Supporting and strengthening Churches

Strengthening the financial stability of Baptist churches is one of ABC’s most important and challenging tasks. Historically, the majority churches in Israel (mainly Catholic and Orthodox) have not relied on nor taught the biblical call to tithing, and so the Christian community is not accustomed to financially supporting their churches.

In Baptist churches, the importance of tithing as a spiritual practice is central to our biblical teaching, and while tithing is on the rise, very few churches are able to meet the immediate needs of their pastors. Without the generosity of individual donors, churches, and foundations to fill in the gaps, many churches are not able to pay a full salary to their pastor in addition to their other operational overhead expenses. As a result, pastors are required to spend tremendous time fundraising and seeking outside support, pulling time and attention away from tending to their ministry.

To fill this great need, ABC provides scholarships for that allow pastors to focus on shepherding their congregation and sharing the good news of Jesus. In addition, ABC provides scholarships to church planters and evangelists.

Having the daily needs of their families met will have a significant impact on the work pastors do within their congregations and in the wider community. Donations provided to the ABC enable pastors to pay their bills and take care of their home, easing the burden of their work to make ends meet and instead focus on the work at hand: building up the church and spreading the good news of the gospel.

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